Copertura REI

Sound-insulating panels Brochure

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Class A sound absorption

For 50 mm thick panels:

For 80 mm thick panels:

For 100 mm thick panels:

RW 34 dB

RW 40 dB

RW 44 dB


Width: 1000 mm

Lenght by request


Layers of bio-soluble mineral wool strips, staggered lengthwise.

Density 100 kg/m3

Thermic coefficient I: 0,038 W/m°K


Pre-coated galvanised steel.

Micro-perforated lower support (holes Ø 0.6 mm)

Thermal properties

K Thermal transmittance
THICKNESS U Thermal Conductivity K Thermal Transmittance R Thermal Insulance Rw Acoustic Insulation
50 PHON 0,037 W/mK 0,70 W/m2K 1,428 m2K/W 34 d(B)
80 PHON 0,037 W/mK 0,47 W/m2K 2,127 m2K/W 40 d(B)
100 PHON 0,037 W/mK 0,38 W/m2K 2,631 m2K/W 44 d(B)

Special colours, copper, and aluminium available on request.

Upper face

White grey
White grey
(RAL 9002)
Siena red
Siena red
(RAL 3009)
Dark brown
Dark brown
(RAL 8017)

Below are the technical and dimensional characteristics of each component to aid with installing and completing your installations.


Closed side flashing

Fig. 1 - Closed lateral flashing: to protect the protruding lateral edge of the panels.

Closed frontal flashing

Fig. 3 - Ridge cap flashing: to protect the upper edge of the panel where it protrudes beyond a ridge.

Shaped ridge cap

Fig. 5 - Shaped ridge flashing: double hinge-style shaped ridge flashing.


Fig. 7 - Under-ridge caps: for connecting between pitches in metal roofing.


Fig. 9 - Fixing screw cap

Opened side flashing

Fig. 2 - Open lateral flashing: to protect the lateral edge of the panel adjacent to a wall.

Opened side flashing

Fig. 4 - Cap flashing: to protect the upper edge of the panel adjacent to a wall.

Colmo Smooth

Fig. 6 - Smooth ridge flashing: hinge-style ridge to be shaped on-site.

Silhouette profilo testata

Fig. 8 - Shaped front closure strip: for the lower edge of the panels, available in thicknesses of 30, 40 and 50 mm.


Fig. 10 - Self-piercing and tapping screws available in various sizes.